23 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Gamers Under $20

If you’re on a budget and need to find the perfect gift for a gamer, you’ve come to the right place! Gifts don’t need to be expensive to show people that you care for them. That’s especially true if you are thinking about what they like.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby but there are affordable gifts for gamers if you look hard enough. But not everyone has time to scour the internet for gifts.

That’s why I’ve rounded up the best gifts for gamers under $20. Both your gamer and your wallet will thank you.

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23 Inexpensive Gifts for Gamers

Super Mario Mini Backpack

Isn’t this awesome?! I personally love mini backpacks and have a couple myself. This Super Mario Mini Backpack would be a great present for anyone who loves Super Mario. One of the reviews even said that it can fit an iPad Mini.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

The Nintendo Switch is meant to be portable. But with portability comes the inevitable time that it will get its self into some trouble. To keep it from sustaining too much damage, grab this carrying case set. It comes with everything that you need to keep a Switch protected. It also comes in multiple colors!

Zelda Music Box from PhoenixAppeal

Can you believe this is a gift for gamers that’s under $20? This gorgeous music box plays Song of Storms and can be personalized with an engraved message for just a dollar more.

Redragon RGB Programmable Mouse

I’ve never met a PC gamer who couldn’t use a new mouse. This mouse is compatible with multiple Windows OS (10, 8, 7, Vista, etc) so even if your gamer has an older PC, this mouse will work with it. This gaming mouse is also backlit and programmable with red, blue, and green. (If they love Iron Man, this Iron Man Gaming Mouse looks awesome).

Retro Gaming Controller Beanie

I love beanies and wear them all the time. This beanie is black and gray so it goes with everything). It has the classic NES controller on the front. (This Bluetooth beanie is also pretty cool!)

Dark Voyager Fortnite Night Light

I think these things are super cool. It is an etched acrylic that is put into a base that provides the light. I have one of these but the acrylic is the Death Star. This would make a perfect budget-friendly gift for gamers who love Fortnite.

Video Game Storytelling

What I like about this gift is that it is a bit different from the other gifts. This budget-friendly gift for gamers is for gamers who want to learn how to develop video games. As someone who has many friends who are gamers, this is something that they often talk about. So if your gamer is interested in learning how to develop video games, especially the storytelling aspect, this is the perfect gift.

Bluelight Blocking Glasses

Help your gamer keep their eyes fresh and healthy. These blue light blocking glasses will help decrease eye strain, headaches, and look stylish while doing it. Choose your gamer’s favorite color and you’ve got a gift that is both practical and cool.

Do Not Disturb I’m Gaming Socks

There will come a time where everyone enjoys getting socks as a gift. That time is about 30 years old. If your gamer is reaching that age, these socks are sure to be a hit.

Among Us Plushie from USATopDeals

Is your gamer a little sus? Any Among Us fan would love to display this plush! It comes in over 10 colors and makes a sound when you squeeze it.

Eat Sleep Game Repeat iPhone Case

I don’t know about you, but I could always use a new phone case. I’m guessing your gamer could too. This iPhone case has options for all of the latest iPhones and is made from “a premium scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell”.

Evolution of Video Game Controllers Print

I kind of what this for myself! The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Print would make a fantastic addition to any gamer’s gaming cave (mine will eventually be my basement). Grab a frame and you’re on your way to an awesome gift!

Multi-Color Video Game Controller Print

This one is similar to the previous one but comes with 4 different super colorful prints. Each print is 8″ x 10″ and features one video game controller/handheld consoles.

Video Game Rage Candle from DirtyCandleCompany

As a candle lover, I have to put at least one candle on this list. This candle is called “Video Game Rage” and comes in the scents: white tea, stress relief, or squirrely nuts. If you do get this candle (especially in squirrely nuts) let me know how it smells!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards from LaylaCustoms

Do you have an Animal Crossing lover in your family? Everyone who loves Animal crossing has their favorite villagers. But sometimes you can’t always get them. Amiibo cards take care of that. Select your gamer’s favorite villager and they can put them in their game!

Gaming T-Shirts

There are a bunch of gaming t-shirts out there so I’ll just put this as a general category. Here are some of my favorite ones: My Perfect Day, Vintage Retro, I Paused My Game for This, and Can’t Hear You I’m Gaming.

Personalized Always in Control Tumbler from AnnieGirlDesigns

I love giving personalized gifts when I can. This tumbler can be personalized with the recipient’s name, font, color, and game controller. It can handle both hot and cold drinks too!

Apple TV Retro Remote Control Case

If your gamer loves their Apple TV and retro video games, why not combine the two? This retro case for your Apple TV remote comes in a variety of colors but I have to say the classic gray is the best.

Apple Watch Retro Charging Stand

Just like the previous gift, this Apple Watch retro stand combines Apple with retro gaming. This stand is compatible with all of the Apple Watches and Apple Watch Nightstand Mode.

Super Mario Uno

This inexpensive gamer gift is fun for the whole family! If your family loves to play games together, adding Mario to your Uno cards adds a dash of fun.

Game Controller Bath Bombs by BathBombsCityLLC

If your gamer has never tried bath bombs, they are missing out! These super awesome bath bombs come in 9 colors and will help their skin feel silky smooth.

Headphone Stand

Most gamers (myself included) use over the head headphones when gaming (and sometimes when working too). Leaving them on the desk is fine, but having a stand is better. This headphone stand can be mounted on top of their desk or underneath, giving them two great options for hanging their headphones.

Nintendo Switch Joycon Charger

This gift has both function and form. It is both a stand to hold Joycons and charges them. This would be a perfect gift for a couple of a family that has multiple Nintendo Switches in the household. So basically two gifts in one 😉


What did you think of these gifts for gamers under $20? I personally love the Zelda Music Box and Evolution of Video Game Controllers Print. Let me know what your thoughts are on these inexpensive gamer gifts in the comments.

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