Top 18 Gift Cards For Nerds (so they can get what they really want)

No matter how much you feel like you know someone, sometimes they’re just too hard to buy something for. I’ve been there and I’m sure you’ve been there to.

So when in doubt what do you do? Buy them a gift card so they can get what they really want.

I’ve complied the best gift cards for nerds & geeks to take even more of the guesswork out of it. You can thank me later!

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Best Gift Cards for Nerds & Geeks

Amazon Gift Card

Alright, let’s get this one out of the way first. We all know that Amazon has pretty much anything and everything that any geek or nerd (or anyone else might want). So I would be remiss not to mention it. PLUS you can get the majority of the following gift cards on Amazon as well.

Starbucks Gift Card

Drinking coffee and being a nerd go hand in hand. Whether we’re staying up late watching the lastest episode of our favorite show or walking up early to get in a video game session before work or school, we need to stay fueled. Let them know you care by sending them a Starbucks Gift Card.

GameStop Gift Card

Now, not everyone loves Game Stop for multiple reasons but if you love games, they’ve got A LOT them. It’s in the name. Any nerd or geek would be happy to receive a gift card from Game Stop.

Fandango Gift Card

Fandango is THE way that I buy all of my movie tickets. I can’t remember the last time that I bought movie tickets at the actual theater. What I love most about using Fandango is the rewards and surprise coupons that they send. If movies are their jam, get this nerdy gift card.

Steam Gift Card

Steam is a platform that as they say, is all about “playing, discussing, and creating games.” Your beloved nerd can use this gift card to buy games like Among Us and Red Dead Online. There are also free games if you’d like to try your hand at gaming without having to spend any money!

Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy has always been one of my favorite stores. Just like Amazon, Best Buy has all the things that the nerd or geek in your life might want or need. Game consoles, movies, music, giant TVs, they’ve got it all.

Animal Crossing Amiibo

These aren’t technically gift cards BUT they are cards that you can give as a gift so I’m counting them as a gift card. These are very specific to Animal Crossing but I feel like these still should be on the list. An Amiibo card let’s someone more easily access the villagers that they want. There are A BUNCH to choose from and you can find them all over Etsy.

Etsy Gift Card

Speaking of Etsy, if the geek or nerd in your life loves handmade or customizable things, Etsy is the place to get them a gift card to. I especially love the handmade plushes. A few years ago, I bought my sister an Otachi (from Pacific Rim) plush for Christmas. She LOVED it.

Visa Gift Card

An Amazon gift card is as (almost) good as cash. But cash is better than Amazon. What’s almost as good as cash but not as awkward to give? A Visa Gift card. They can get what they want in any place that they want. Not much is better than that.

Twitch Gift Card

Twitch is another gaming platform where people can live stream games or watch others live stream. Twitch is free to use but this gift card for nerds can help them support their favorite steamers by subscribing or getting some awesome Twitch merch.

Spotify Gift Card

Other than Facebook, Spotify is probably my most used app. If your nerd is anything like me, they love their music (especially their movie soundtracks – it’s honestly embarrassing how much of my Spotify is filled with scores from movies ). Why not keep their live music filled with the gift of Spotify?

Apple Gift Card

Most gamers are strictly PC BUT there’s so much that you can buy with an Apple gift card: movies, music, tv shows, apps, and more! So even if they don’t have a Mac, I’m positive your nerd can find something to spend an Apple gift card on.

Nintendo eShop Gift Card

The Nintendo eShop gift card can be used to purchase both classic and new games for the Nintendo consoles like the Switch and Wii U. Statying with Nintendo for a second, you can also get a Nintendo Switch Membership gift card. These gift cards allow gamers to play with their friends in online games like Animal Crossing or Mario Cart.

Playstation Gift Card

With the Playstation gift cards, anyone can connect to the Playstation Store to buy games or to play games live with their friends. These two different types of Playstation gift cards, the Playstation Cash Card (to buy games) and the Playstation Plus Card (for a membership to play live with friends).

Xbox Gift Card

Like the Playstation gift card, with the Xbox gift card, your nerd or geek can purchase games, movies, or anything from the Microsoft store. Xbox also has a membership option that you can purchase a gift card for.

Netflix Gift Card

A Netflix account is one of the nerdy essentials. If your nerd doesn’t have a Netflix account, what are they (and you!) waiting for? Netflix has a wide selection of all of the best nerdy movies and television shows. Your nerd will love the huge library of anime!

Audible Gift Card

Reading a great book is one thing, but listening to it is entirely different. I’ve never used Audible myself because I love reading and tend to stop paying attention when I’m listening to something. However, my friends that use Audible rave about it, especially if there’s author commentary or the book is actually read by the author.

DoorDash Gift Card

Didn’t think I’d forget about food did you? Nerds need coffee AND food. Grab a couple of DoorDash gift cards for your favorite nerd and you’ll be their favorite person ever.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of gift cards for nerds! What other nerdy or geeky gift cards would you add to this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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